Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Legal Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Finding yourself involved in a legal dispute can be one of lifes most disconcerting and uncertain experiences. We aim to bring reassurance, strategy, and sense to what can often seem impossible and frustrating circumstances.

Our experienced team of solicitors are involved on a daily basis in helping our clients overcome the various difficult and sometimes distressing circumstances they have found themselves in. The types of disputes that we help clients resolve are so varied that we cannot list them all here. But, by way of illustration, we typically assist and represent clients in the High Courts, County Courts, Tribunals, Arbitrations and similar forums with problems such as:

* Partnership Disputes

*Agricultural tenancy issues

* Property Litigation

* Wills and Probate disputes

* Rights of Way

* Adverse Possession

* Judicial Review

* Injunctions

* Breach of Covenant

* Trespassers

*Contractual Disputes

* Genetics Disputes

* Manorial Rights

* Drainage Claims

* Harassment

* Basic Payment Issues

* Company Disputes

* Debt Recovery

* Negligence Claims

* Claims to Succession

* Insurance Disputes

* Commercial Disputes

* Boundary Disputes

Of course, Courts and Adjudications should be a last resort where possible, as they are inevitably a costly route to a solution. Whilst we are happy to pursue your case to the highest level, equally, we are highly experienced in the many different formats of Alternative Dispute Resolution, including Mediation. We regularly negotiate very satisfactory solutions and outcomes for our clients; and this always stands as a primary ambition.

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