Land, Property & Tenancies

Land, Property & Tenancies

Land, Property, & Tenancies

Land, Property & Tenancies

As you’d probably imagine, a good deal of what we do for our clients relates to land and property. Naturally, this includes sales, purchases, and other transfers of ownership. Our Property Team have very many years of experience of dealing with highly complex transactions, smoothly and efficiently. Of course, as well as dealing with large farms and estates we also handle simple everyday residential conveyancing and remortgages. So whether your property is a 1,000 acre farm or a small bungalow on the edge of town, you can rely on the same level of expertise and competent friendly service.

Our Property Team also deal with commercial and residential leases and lettings of all varieties.  Over and above this, our firm is nationally renowned for its handling of all nature of agricultural tenancies, licences, and farming agreements. In particular, those arising under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 and the Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995. As well as acting for Landlords and Tenants in relation to new agreements, we also handle tenancy succession; tenancy arbitrations of all sorts; repossession; forfeiture; compensation claims; and all manner of negotiation, re-negotiations, and surrender. Our Dispute Resolution solicitors regularly represent clients before the courts and tribunals in relation to more difficult or contested aspects of Agricultural Tenancy law.

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