Regulatory Law

Regulatory Law

Regulatory Law

Regulatory Law

Compliance with the maze of Regulations, Rules and Statutes can often prove a real headache both for individuals and for businesses; particularly Agribusiness and rural landowners. As well as advising generally upon all aspects of Regulatory Law we also assist and represent clients on those occasions they fall foul of the system, and find themselves facing prosecution for Regulatory or Statutory breaches of the law.

We help with such matters as:

* Environmental Compliance & Prosecutions

* Health & Safety Law & Breaches

* Food & Dairy Hygiene

* Animal Welfare

* RSPCA prosecutions

* BCMS & Livestock movement issues

* RPA & DEFRA issues

* Pollution of Watercourses & NVZ’s

* Public Rights of Way

* Waste Transfer & Disposal matters

* Animal Byproducts law

* Licensing

As well as most other similar matters & issues.

Of course, many potential problems can be avoided by their being anticipated and planned for, and ‘prevention’ is always better than ‘cure’. But even when things have already gone wrong, and preventative steps are too late, with the right help applied in the right way, damage and expense can often be kept to a minimum.

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